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Welcome to Heartwell Dental, where we deliver comprehensive dentistry rooted in honesty, compassion, and trust. Dr. Girgis and our friendly team take a patient-centered approach, serving our Long Beach neighbors and families with unsurpassed comfort and thoughtful, modern care. Each and every day, we’re passionate about helping Long Beach patients like you enjoy a lifetime of thriving dental wellness. If you’re in the neighborhood, come swing by and visit our crew today! We can’t wait to meet you.

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Meet Dr. Abraam Girgis

Hi, I’m Dr. Girgis! Born and raised in Long Beach, California, I absolutely love being a dentist for the community that means the most to me. My favorite part of the job? Getting to care for multiple generations and connecting with my patients! Whether I’m seeing a toddler, their parent, or grandparent, I put each person’s individual needs at the forefront of my work. Walking alongside you with informative, judgment-free guidance, I’m here to teach you how to take the best care of your smile and help you play an active role in your oral health.

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Preventive Care

A happy smile starts with a healthy mouth! That’s why prevention and education are at the core of our practice. From regular checkups to fresh cleanings, we’ve got your back with professional preventive care for a strong, gleaming grin.

Combat Cavities
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If you’re seeking a more subtle way to perfect those pearly whites, Invisalign may be just for you. To learn how these clear and convenient aligners can help bring your dream smile to life, book a free Invisalign consult with Dr. Girgis today!

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Pain-Free Extractions

Whether you’re struggling with the discomfort of wisdom teeth or a troublesome tooth infection, we’re here for you. Our team will be right by your side with gentle, effective methods and best-in-class tech to get you out of pain and smiling again.

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Love the care and attention we get from the team at Heartwell Dental. There are dozens of offices closer to me that I could choose to take my family to but it is not even a question! They’ve always been flexible with appointment booking or moving them if needed! You won’t be disappointed here!

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I went to Heartwell Dental for my cleaning. I’m generally nervous with dentists but Dr. Girgis and his staff were very friendly and welcoming. He put on Netflix on the flatscreens which was pretty cool. Dr. G was thorough and showed me my X-rays and most importantly no pain haha 🙏 Def recommend this office!

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My experience with Heartwell Dental was very exceptional. The Dentist explained everything thoroughly, and I did not have to wait whatsoever. The receptionist, and the other co-worker were very nice and helpful!👍

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Have Questions About Heartwell Dental?

Check out our frequently asked questions, or contact us at (562) 421-9411 and speak with our Long Beach dental team!

How Often Should I Have a Dental Exam and Cleaning?

Consider scheduling a dental exam and cleaning twice yearly or every six months. Doing so and practicing proper oral hygiene habits will keep your teeth free of plaque and debris. It also significantly reduces the chances of long-term and severe dental complications further down the road. People with teeth more predisposed to discoloration and staining might have to schedule more frequent appointments, usually every three to four months.

What Can I Expect During My Dental Appointment?

Routine dental checkups are pretty straightforward. The dentist will first examine your teeth for signs of gum disease, tooth decay, oral cancer, and other dental complications. Dentists mostly use a convex mirror at the end of a tiny rod to examine hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. What follows is a couple of X-rays before the dentist removes the tartar from your mouth using a scraping tool. The dentist then checks your gums again before sending you home with instructions for taking care of your teeth.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Long Beach Dentist?

The first thing you want in a dentist is one with proper credentials. This includes proper licenses, certificates, and a degree from a recognized university. If the credentials checkout, next you want to check whether they accept your specific insurance plan. Alternatively, you can call your insurance company and inquire about dentists in your area that accept their insurance. Doing so will help you from paying out-of-pocket for your dentist visit.

Insurance aside, you’ll also want to check what kind of services the dentist offers. If you’re looking for a long-term dentist, you’ll want one that offers a wide range of services, including preventive and restorative dental services.

The next thing to look for is short wait times. You don’t want to spend hours waiting for your turn to see the dentist. You can learn more about wait times, the dental clinic’s customer service, and general attitude toward clients by checking reviews on authority sites like Yelp and Google reviews.

What Should My Oral Hygiene Regimen Be Like?

A proper oral hygiene regimen involves brushing your teeth twice a day, preferably early in the morning and right before you go to sleep, for at least two minutes. While brushing, remember to also brush your tongue to keep your breath fresh. You should also floss daily to remove debris between the teeth. Also, use mouthwash to wash away food particles and prevent the build-up of plaque. Lastly, schedule regular dental visits to ensure pristine oral health.

How Can I Improve My Smile?

The best way to improve your smile is by practicing proper oral hygiene habits consistently. You should also limit alcohol consumption since it increases your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Also, avoid using tobacco (smoking or chewing) because the tar in tobacco stains teeth yellow or brown. If you are unhappy with your smile, consider cosmetic dental treatments to achieve your desired smile.

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